Release Stress and/or Pain Package

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I am offering a stress and/or pain relief package comprising several consecutive days of a twenty minute Reiki session each day with or without emotional energy clearing session/s.  You choose which you would like.  Pain can be mental, emotional, physical / spiritual. 

The clearing sessions would take place when your body says and may not all be done within the number of days you are having Reiki as that could be too intense for the body.  I will keep notes of when your sessions are done.  

As always these can be for animals and/or humans, you can even have some sessions within your package for you and some for someone else or an animal, please just let me know when you book or I will assume it is all for the person who paid.

Reiki is very relaxing and can aid any mental, emotional, spiritual or physical issues, bringing peace and calm.  It can be used alongside or independently of allopathic treatments and can help minimise the side effects of drug therapy. 

As always, lots of water and some extra rest advised for the duration of your sessions and for a few days afterwards to ease release.

Options are -

7 days Reiki 

7 days Reiki + 1 Clearing session 


10 days Reiki 

10 days Reiki + 2 Clearing sessions 


14 days Reiki 

14 days Reiki + 3 Clearing sessions 


21 days Reiki 

21 days Reiki + 4 Clearing sessions 

Reiki + Emotional/Energy Clearing Package
Who is this for?


Your session - How I work and what you need to do etc 

Once you have decided you would like a session with me, you need to pay and then we will decide on a time that suits us both.  I find that working as the client sleeps is the best possible time to do so as then there is no unconscious resistance.  If you are also in UK and that is not possible, next best is when you are reasonably relaxed and not rushing around trying to do 20 things at once.  Ideally you would be focussed on something else rather than what I am doing - maybe reading, watching TV or something as I have found that the people who obsessively watch their bodies thinking "what is she doing?" tend to actually block the clearing to some degree. 

I need you to drink lots of extra water for a good few days to make the releasing process easier on your body.  Not doing so can make for a bumpy ride, so please, just do it.  Ideally you would also get extra rest, even if that is only a few early nights or late mornings, whatever you can manage.  Animals will naturally drink the extra they need and take what extra sleep they need.  Occasionally animals will be full of life afterwards, delighting in feeling "lighter".

Some people notice shifts of some sort almost right away, some notice nothing at all, some realise some time afterwards that 'something' has changed. There is no 'one size fits all' or predicting, you will react or not as your body does.

Our contact is by email as I find I can focus better that way and the flow of energy is not interrupted. 

The most common comment from clients is that they feel lighter and more relaxed afterwards.


I think you are like a patron saint of animals.
I am so happy to say that Mile End seems very calm and purry after his Reiki and has not growled once!
Thank you so much.


Thanks for sending Reiki for my back, it's feeling much better now


Just thought I would share with you the experiences my friend and I had with last night's Reiki healing. My friend had been suffering with a headache all day yesterday - probably due to her eye problem - she fell asleep during the healing and when she woke up she felt refreshed and her headache had gone. Also, the sight in her problem eye is clearer today.

I felt an all over warmth - I usually do feel warmth but last time I received Reiki from you I felt it solely around my heart area - also felt tingling in my hands and feet. 
The biggest change was that I felt very much lighter and experienced a floating feeling - the phrase 'lightness of being' came to me. I seemed to be floating in the clouds with angels.
You are younger than me so you probably won't remember when coal men used to deliver sacks of coal on their backs and they were usually bent over by the weight. Anyway, that is the nearest I can come to expressing the weight I normally feel pressing down on me. I felt very much lighter last night and still feel a bit lighter today so thank you Muriel from both of us.


You certainly did help us Muriel. You have such a gift.


My arm has improved. I have slept through the night for the last 2 nights which hasn’t been the case since the accident and I’ve been able to drive today for the first time. The healing seemed to be really slow prior to Reiki but the last couple of days has seen a marked improvement so thank you very much.


Thank you I felt a wave of energy come across me right before you posted this. I'm always amazed as soon as we intend to do something it's already being done. Energy healing feels like feathers falling on my skin.


Muriel has helped me and my boy Louie a lot over the years; he has outlived the vet's predictions by more than 5 years and I thank Muriel for the help she has given me and Louie in the form of Reiki mostly...I hope to go on using her services if I need them!! Well worth a try!  BM, Edinburgh


I have a Facebook group about my work which you are welcome to join.


For many years I have helped hurt, abandoned, abused animals of all species for free and continue to do so.  That does however take time and effort and I do have to feed my dog and myself and pay rent and all the usual bills.  If you would like to make a Gratitude Gift on behalf of the many hundreds of animals I have helped and will help, please do so here.  Many thanks. PayPal also accepts credit and debit cards.