Financial blocks clearing

Financial Blocks Clearing - what is that?    This is to clear all the different types of energies that are blocking your finances. 

I will use SRT, Body Code, Past Life Clearing, Energy Clearing, a few abundance and money Reiki-type systems and more to zero in and clear all the different energies that are blocking your finances.  There are so many things that can be blocking us - from vows of poverty in other lifetimes to energies from previous occupants of your home or business, so so many possibilities.  To list them all here would take forever but I will check for and clear everything I can find that is affecting you now. 

As with all energy healing, we all have layers upon layers holding us back from all our many lifetimes including this one.  Each session I do will clear everything which is ready to be cleared at that time for the individual.  So, as with emotional healing, more than one session is usually needed to clear absolutely everything.  I am still clearing my layers.

Finances Clearing
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