Spiritual Response Therapy

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I am an Advanced SRT Practitioner. 

SRT was developed by Robert Detzler and is an extremely effective modality for clearing anything from this or any other lifetime that is holding you back in any way now.  We can carry energies from many lifetimes around with us.  With SRT we can access your Akashic Records and clear negative programming, experiences, vows and more.

This is a very powerful modality, doing the same work as a past life regression does without the need to be regressed or relive whatever it was that is ready to be released and works equally as well for animals.  My dog Millie has been delighted to be relieved of some of the stuff she's been carrying around for lifetimes and I am also delighted to be free of some of my load.

As always, your soul will only release what it is ready to release at any time.

While a single session is, in common with most energy healing modalities, very helpful, ideally SRT is a process carried out in several sessions over a period of time.  There are always more layers coming to the surface for healing.

Ideally the first session would focus on clearing programs etc that are holding you back and then in the second session we'd start on whatever you want to focus on.  You can choose whether to clear what you most need to release at the time (preferred) or you can choose to focus on a particular issue.  You may wish to focus on clearing the energies around a relationship or your career or your finances or a health issue or something else.  SRT can help anything from any lifetime including this one.

I do the sessions here for people all over the world and then email to let you know what was released.  Most often I am asked to wait a few days until you have finished processing the clearing to let you know what was released - this is so that you do not over worry about the issues and thus prevent your soul releasing them thoroughly. 

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Testimonials :

Well deserved testimonial for Muriel Alicia:

After 6 weeks of using holistic methods in healing my bully dog Bears paws which were raw with pustules between each and every toe, I finally conceded and went to the vets and got 2 weeks worth of antibiotics.  

Didn’t fix it he needed another 2 weeks worth of those antibiotics and then finally his toes were so much better ...  I hoped that was the end of that ...

wrong :( obviously the root cause was not addressed, as it started all over again within a couple of days ...

I did NOT desire using more antibiotics and sought help and guidance from Muriel ...

even though we are thousands of miles apart she worked her absolute magic on Bear with a SRT session ...

It took 2 or 3 days and then improvements started happening ... and today (8 days later) all between his toes are looking like they should be, healthy and beautiful ...

I just have soooooo much gratitude for Muriel helping Bear (and my frustrated self)

No nasty chemicals used, no antibiotics needed, just Muriel’s hmmmm magic wand I want to call it LOL

I can honestly HIGHLY recommend Muriel ...

Next time I'll approach her first, rather than the veterinarians ...

Thank You Thank You Thank You Muriel xxxxx Rissa And Bear xxxx Western Australia


Muriel - Thank you so much for all your help. I always feel lighter after one of your SRT sessions. I actually feel a sense of peacefulness this morning... there's a calm.... it feels really good. Thank you for the affirmation as well as the work!

After finishing the 3 SRT sessions from you working on clearing financial issues, we got 4 new clients immediately! It was a very nice chunk of unexpected money. In the past, summer has been a very slow time for our business, and so far this summer we're way ahead of what "normal" has been in the past. And tonight, my husband and I won one free ticket to the conference we're at right now, but for next year. This was wonderful!   Tracy Bonczyk, USA HypnosisCareSolutions.com


Muriel was first recommended to me by my Craniosacral practitioner because she herself had received great relief and understanding of a severe elbow injury that occurred one morning so she contacted Celestial Healing Light straight away…later on that day she was able to carry on with physical work packing up her house ready for a move as the elbow healed.
I have received Body Code and SRT sessions at different times from Muriel and found them both to be effective, the most recent being Body Code for abdominal and hip discomfort on the left side. Within the same hour of receiving the treatment I had much greater ease of movement and was out of pain. There was immediate relief of 60 percent of symptoms and I will be following up soon with a second treatment.
During the treatment I had a feeling of gentle warmth come over me which seemed to soften me. I also felt slightly dreamy and very peaceful.
So if you want to know where other body-workers and healers go to get help – it’s Muriel at Celestial Healing Light!
Please do help yourself (and help Muriel herself in her dedication to her animal healing) by trying out her services.
C Auchinachie www.ChristinePatient.com

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For many years I have helped hurt, abandoned, abused animals of all species for free and continue to do so.  That does however take time and effort and I do have to feed Millie and myself and pay the usual bills.  If you would like to make a Gratitude Gift on behalf of the many hundreds of animals I have helped and will help, please do so here.  Many thanks. PayPal also accepts credit and debit cards.