Past Life Healing

I can heal the most significant past life that is detrimentally affecting you just now.   This can have a very powerful positive influence on your current life :)  You will get a short email report a few days after clearing is complete.

You will find out -

When and where the lifetime was.

What sex and age you were.

Type of environment you lived in.

Your role in that lifetime.

Your main life lesson/test at that time.

Any other major person involved with the lesson/test at that time.

Your feelings as you faced the lesson/test.

Any positive soul expressions at the time and any higher senses developed at the time.

How your soul ended their life in that lifetime.

All healing needed will be done and all soul fragments and energies that broke off will be healed and reintegrated.


I am increasingly finding that this is very very helpful for those tricky relationships we all have.  Sometimes it takes one clearing, more often it takes more but unwinding all those other lifetimes we have interacted with the same soul allows this lifetime to start again with a clean slate.  Sometimes the person will quietly move out of your life or you will choose to walk away, sometimes the relationship will become deeper, I can never predict but at least you are no longer repeating the same old patterns.

Testimonial -  I just wanted to say that whatever you did yesterday was very effective and cleared something. You absolutely work Muriel!

Past Life Healing
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