About Crystal Essences

Crystals have healing properties just like plants, flowers etc....they are alive as they grow from tiny to enormous sometimes.  The mysteries of life and our universe.  I had trouble with that concept initially but have realised they really do!  They have helped myself and my dogs a lot over the years and I have also used them to help other people and their animals. 

I have made many Crystal essences, in fact they were the first ones I experimented with to help my first dog in her last year or so with me.  She wasn't keen on them, but my next rescue dog Cassie was quite happy to take them and actually enjoyed her water with a few drops of an essence in it.  She was a very troubled soul, having been used, abused and then dumped when she was too old to produce any more pups. It was to help her I started making essences as at that time I had no internet or access to buying them.  Thank you Cassie. 

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The essences have the energy of the crystal which when put on/in you then transfers the healing properties of the crystal. Most folk put a couple of drops in a drink or on their tongue, but also you can rub a few drops on your skin - anywhere but pulse points are great. They can also go in the bath!  Animals often respond very well to a few drops rubbed on their bodies, in fact top of the head between the ears is a magical spot as it gets a nice calming acupressure point too.

At the present time I have over 200 Crystal Essences.  I started them making way back in 2002.  The flowers came later. 

I've been finding taking good pictures challenging, so please bear with me...

I have many more crystals, so if the essence you would like is not listed, please just ask and I can very possibly make it up quickly. 

Crystal essences I have made up at this time are on these three pages....

Crystals A – D

Crystals E – M

Crystals N – Z 

Energetic Essence

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