Trauma Clearing

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Trauma, we all know what that is, and can also encompass when 2 or more emotions are trapped together, a double whammy.  This can also often be held in the body in layers, so often more than one session will be needed to completely clear it.  
Some of the effects of trauma stored in the body are :-



Intrusive memories

Easily startled



Panic attacks



Chronic pain

Eating disorders

Substance abuse

Alcohol abuse


Loss of concentration

Loss of memory

Loss of interest





Emotional numbness


So it's a good idea to clear as much of it as possible and my work is one of the many ways that can help do so.

Sessions can be for animals or humans - please let me know who you want them for.  

Please drink plenty extra water for a few days and get what extra rest you can as your body processes.  If the session is for an animal, please make sure that they have access to lots of extra water and can rest and sleep more.

Trauma Clearing
Who is this for?
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Who is this for?
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I feel peaceful, softer, open, completely at ease and very calm. 

Thank you very much


I should have told you this first but when I got home from work S was so happy. She was bouncing all round the garden and then was having a good roll around the floor on her back She slept beside my husband this morning and woke him up at 10:30 wanting a cuddle and probably to let him know that you were working on her. Thank you so much for working your magic on my baby girl


From a dog -  He says that Muriel's treatment gave him a huge kick start in the right direction of getting well. He says that he really liked when she worked on him. He says the energy he felt from her is very warm and comforting. He says it made him feel safe and loved.

He says that he feels like he kind of "woke up" after her treatment. He feels like his brain has been asleep for the last few months, and after she worked on him, it kind of woke up. He says that you can't even imagine how frustrating it is to have your own brain not working properly. He says that he knows he isn't 100% yet, not even close, but he definitely feels things are moving in the right direction.

He hopes that he will have more sessions with Muriel in the future. He says that he just felt so light and free after she worked on him. He says that it was almost like being a puppy again without any fears or worries weighing him down. He says that he never knew how much emotional garbage he was packing around with him until a huge chunk of it was suddenly lifted away. He says it is a really amazing feeling.

He says that over all he feels considerably better. He is very hopeful that with help he will continue to improve. He misses being his old happy self, but he is very grateful for the improvement he is currently feeling.


From a dog -

She says that the treatment with Muriel made her feel more restored and comfortable. She describes it a bit like charging a cell phone.  She says on the inside it made her feel lighter and carefree. She says it is like having an invisible elephant lifted off your chest that you didn't even realise was there until the weight was lifted. Once lifted, you don't know how you ever managed to live that way in the first place.

She also is glad that Muriel could clear so much for her, she says that some of it has been with her for lifetimes. She is very glad to be rid of it, and would love to have more cleared before moving on. She thinks it would be truly wonderful to enter her next life free from all of the emotional baggage she has been carrying from lifetime to lifetime.


From a happy client whose cat I have been helping -

He is doing SO good lately! :) He is so happy, asking for much more affection, he is not hiding at all anymore with the storms and just generally being a lot more confident and silly at times. He actually wants his belly rubbed now too.

He's much more content and confident now. He does still briefly run/hide when someone comes in but he now comes out sooner than he used to and even played with his toy when we had a cable man here one day! Certainly told me the cable man was an OK person if he felt like he could play with his toy with him here.


From a cat's human - She's much more herself.   It's heartening to see her more comfortable.


On December 28, 2016, I received Heart Wall healing through Muriel. Prior to then, I'd been working on emotional issues in relationships and had reduced the intensity of painful feelings.  Yet, during the night after the Heart Wall healing, I found there was even more ease around those issues. I'm grateful the healing was able to give me more progress!  Thank you!  


I've been feeling much happier and peaceful and positive.


I have just had this done and cannot recommend it enough, has made such a difference to me already, feeling much better than I have done for the last few months without going into details on here, but anyone can pm me. Even had the best nights sleep the next night, again better than I have had in months. Muriel is amazing simple as that! Muriel is also treating my mums cat : )) so is great for pets too : )


I'm very pleased with him and he seems very pleased with himself!  :)  It's like he finally feels free to act silly and demand attention.  It's so great to see!  Thank you SO much for that!


Thank you so much, it's so difficult to explain how I feel but I have been so much calmer this week and work opportunities have opened up for me that I have wanted and needed so that's great. 

I think emotional issues have been draining so much over the last 20 or so years it's an amazing relief for me. I feel I can focus now :)


Your session - How I work and what you need to do etc

Once you have decided you would like a session with me, you need to pay and then we will decide on a time that suits us both.  I find that working as the client sleeps is the best possible time to do so as then there is no unconscious resistance.  If you are also in UK and that is not possible, next best is when you are reasonably relaxed and not rushing around trying to do 20 things at once.  Ideally you would be focussed on something else rather than what I am doing - maybe reading, watching TV or something as I have found that the people who obsessively watch their bodies thinking "what is she doing?" tend to actually block the clearing to some degree.

I need you to drink lots of extra water for a good few days to make the releasing process easier on your body.  Not doing so can make for a bumpy ride, so please, just do it.  Ideally you would also get extra rest, even if that is only a few early nights or late mornings, whatever you can manage.  Animals will naturally drink the extra they need and take what extra sleep they need.  Occasionally animals will be full of life afterwards, delighting in feeling "lighter".

Some people notice shifts of some sort almost right away, some notice nothing at all, some realise some time afterwards that 'something' has changed. There is no 'one size fits all' or predicting, you will react or not as your body does.

I tune in to you energetically and also connect with my guides and Archangels and then use a series of charts and a pendulum to find out what most needs cleared, I clear that and move on to the next thing until I am told there is nothing else to be done that day.

Our contact is by email as I find I can focus better that way and the flow of energy is not interrupted.

The most common comment from clients is that they feel lighter and more relaxed afterwards.

As healing is a journey, most of us need more than one session, hence the discount price for multiple sessions.  Most often, your body will take up to a week to fully process the clearing.  Some take longer, some shorter - everyone is different and it will also depend on what else you are doing in your journey towards healing as everything is interconnected. One session will always help but you may get more benefit from more than one as we all collect more energetic trash as we go through our lives.  I am still working on me.


I have a Facebook group about my work which you are welcome to join.


For many years I have helped hurt, abandoned, abused animals of all species for free and continue to do so.  That does however take time and effort and I do have to eat, feed my dog, pay rent and all the usual bills.  If you would like to make a Gratitude Gift on behalf of the many hundreds of animals I have helped and will help, please do so here.  Many thanks. PayPal also accepts credit and debit cards.