About me and your session

I have always been very empathic and sensitive.  Painfully so at times.  I was always interested in alternatives although I never did anything about it as I was raised believing doctors were second only to God and they were the ones who dealt with healing so I just read about herbs etc in library books. 

I always wanted a dog or cat or both.  My first rescued dog, Hannah, arrived in 1989 at the worst point in my life and rescued me much more than I rescued her.  She saved my life.  5 years later she started limping.  We followed the allopathic (doctors, vets, drugs) route and although there was initial apparent improvement, she got worse and worse and not only had severe arthritis, but also developed severe colitis due to drug side effects.  Moorgold helped the colitis till her dying day and Runaround gave her her legs back for a few years then I had to find something else as it stopped helping.  I then started to learn a bit about herbs, homeopathy, crystals, essences, magnets, Reiki and more.  A combination of all of those helped her lots and ultimately she lived 3 years longer than the vet expected, eventually passing at 15 years old.

During those 3 years I read everything I could about alternatives.  No internet then, just a small local library for information.  I regularly took advantage of their ability to obtain books from other branches.  One librarian once referred to my 'weird' book choices ;)  In those days it was only herbs, homeopathy, natural dog care and a few Reiki books I read.  If she saw me now… ;)

The very worst choice I made was to try Acupuncture by a vet.  The fourth treatment crippled my lovely girl, she never walked unaided again.  Never ever allow a vet to give acupuncture to your dog unless you have made very sure that they have trained thoroughly – 4 or 5 years full time the Chinese way.  Most in UK learn on a weekend course taught by the lady who crippled Hannah who in turn had learnt over a weekend.  It is very easy to cripple dogs with that little knowledge.

I had to do something radical or lose my girl.  I finally got a hold of Richard Allport’s book Natural Healthcare for Pets, read it voraciously over a weekend and knew from it that she needed crystals so off I went on my first visit to a crystal shop and came back with crystals and a healer coming to see her in a few days.  The lady had also said that she and her students would 'send' healing to Hannah.  I totally dismissed that idea as I did not believe it was possible.  WRONG!!!  ........  That evening Hannah was lying on her blanket immobile as she had been since the botched acupuncture.  All of a sudden she sat up like a sphinx and STARED at me!  I was gobsmacked!  She held that for a minute and lay down again.  A minute later she did it again and held it for longer.  Again I got the STARE ;)  She did it three times in all, making sure I took note ;)  you better believe I took note.  My mind was all over the place - a miracle from God?  What?  I'd been asking for a miracle for weeks.... then I remembered - the healing woman had said she would send healing.  ooops...maybe I better open my mind to the possibility that she had......

On the Friday the healing lady appeared and gave Hannah healing.  Hannah LOVED it.   She confirmed that she and her students had started sending Reiki to Hannah shortly before she sat up the other evening and that it was Reiki and not Spiritual Healing that she was using.  She had actually started out as a Spiritual healer but moved on to Reiki and now preferred Reiki.  She also was sussing out how little or much I knew about all this weird stuff ;)  Over the next few weeks she came up weekly and gave Hannah healing and chatted to me, teaching me and opening my mind to the possibility that maybe I could do this Reiki stuff too ;)  I vacillated - yes/no/maybe….  I read more and finally made up my mind that I was going to have the attunement to Reiki 1 and only EVER Reiki 1 ;)   She then attuned me to Reiki 1.

For the remaining few months of Hannah's life, I was able to help her more than I had been and also helped myself.  We both had Reiki daily.  Without Reiki, Hannah would not have seen the Christmas after the botched Acupuncture on my birthday on October 2nd but she didn't actually leave her body till June 15th.  Reiki helped me enormously too, both before and after Hannah left her body at the grand old age of 15. 

I didn't actually realise just how much Reiki had been helping me on a physical level until I went for a chiropractic assessment a few months after Hannah died.  The Chiropractor wanted to know how I was walking as I had 11 vertebrae out of alignment and should not have been able to walk - was I having acupuncture?  No.  When I finally said I was doing Reiki he said that was what it was - his mother used Reiki so he was aware of how helpful it could be.  I had actually thought it wasn't doing any good as I was still in pain but he made it very clear that Reiki was working wonders for me!  I was unable to afford his course of 22 treatments so I continued in pain till I went to a talk about Craniosacral therapy and had a 5 minute taster session which totally removed all pain and gave me back freedom of movement!!!!!!!!  I had read about Craniosacral but to experience it was amazing.  Not all sessions are as miraculous but that one was.

Hannah  beach c302 


6 months after Hannah left I welcomed Cassie into my life.  She was a very troubled soul having been used, abused and dumped when she could no longer bear pups.  I learnt about and started making essences in order to help her.  Essences are very forgiving as the wrong one will do no harm; it simply bounces off the system harmlessly but the right one can be miraculous.  She loved her essences :)   I used Reiki, essences and all the other things Hannah had started to teach me about to help Cassie who sadly passed after only 3 years with me.  She was an amazing teacher having been so troubled and I learnt a great deal in those 3 years.  

                                                        cassie and i for website 300  Cassie and I


10 days later Millie came along.  She was only 4 years old when she came to me and yet I was her 4th and final home.  She lived to 15 years 7 months young.  While she was with me I learnt all the other healing modalities I am now offering to help others, both humans and animals.  I 'thought' I was learning them to help Millie as there had been a lot of abuse and trauma in her life prior to me but of course I was also learning to help me with my abuse and trauma.  Millie was my mirror as all our animals are.  As I healed myself, I helped Millie and others to heal and as I helped Millie to heal, she helped me and others to heal.  We are all interconnected and come into each others lives to help learn, grow and heal.  Each of my girls has guided me along my path in order to help them and myself.

When Millie was only 8 years old, she suddenly lost the use of her back legs.  One day she was fine, the next morning she was limping and after a few yards it was clear she was in big trouble - her back legs were not working independently of each other.  Being a stubborn determined Weimaraner she made it to her preferred "poo spot" and did what she needed to do and a few yards later her back legs packed in.  She collapsed against me trapping me between her and a barbed wire fence where we stayed for a good half hour or so with me Reiki-ing her and trying to remember and use the acupressure I had used for Hannah.  Finally she was able to walk home but her back legs were still working as one.  I knew our vet would only have one option so we didn't go.  I used energy healing, called on friends to help with other energy healing and we were fortunate to have a friend able to come and give her hands-on Craniosacral therapy in addition to one doing so distantly from Canada.  I researched and gave her a concoction of herbs, supplements including Vitamin D3 and took advice from Dr Doug Yearout, a Holistic Vet in Seattle who came about 8 weeks later and gave her one Chiropractic treatment.  He ascertained that her spine was almost totally fused with extra bone growth, ie she too had spondylitis just like Hannah had at the same age. After a few months of intensive everything she was fine - running, jumping, twisting like a puppy again!!!!!!!!  She then told my communicator friend that all she wanted in the way of herbs and supplements was the D3 so that was what she got.  The rest had done their job and she didn't need them any more.  From crippled to fit in a few months!  Most vets here would have killed her and I confess that initially I suspected that may be the only option but I wasn't giving up without a fight and hung in there and did my best - it worked!!!!!! 
We enjoyed almost another 8 years together because I am as stubborn and determined as she was and I allowed for miracles to happen.  Miracles can and do happen if you allow them to. 

While Millie was with me, as I learnt more about clearing the emotional rubbish we all tend to carry around through our lives and also from lifetime to lifetime, I did my best to clear hers and lighten the load she was carrying.  Obviously with me being her 4th or 5th home in this lifetime, there was lots from this lifetime alone which was clear from her behaviour with me, other people and dogs we met. 

Initially I only worked on this lifetime but when I learnt SRT and other past life clearing, I started clearing from other lifetimes too.  In her last year or two here, she became desperate to have everything cleared so that she would not have to bring anything back into another lifetime.  When she finally left her body, she did so totally free of any emotional encumbrances, trauma etc and had also finished her own soul work on this planet.
Her body was cremated and when the lady from the crem gave me her ashes, she was amazed as she had never seen ashes as white.  Apparently, normally they are some shade of grey.  Millie's were not.  She had no chemical drugs of any sort in her body in the 11 years she lived with me and her body was also not carrying any trauma or emotional rubbish.  I am sure that both helped.  Our bodies really are what we put in them (and take out).

                                                                                                                  im000229 millie snow stick 300  Millie


And Anwen, who arrived here traumatised, scared, did not know what way was up. Her person had died, she had then spent time in kennels with her dog friend, then in foster care and then a day-long journey to me during which her dog friend went to his new home. So she started out that day with the one familiar soul left in her life and ended it alone in my house.

She was of course grieving for her previous person plus probably her dog friend although she did not like to admit that.

I did my best to help her heal, ease her through her grief, shock etc and adjust to the massive changes in her life. She was fortunate, we had the advantage of animal communicators to help. She also had Homeopathy, essences, Reiki and what energy work she was willing to accept. Energy work was new to her so she was cautious about it for now so I was not able to clear as much as I would have liked, but even so, the difference in a few short months was remarkable.  

The dog who initially was terrified of other dogs learnt to approach other dogs and calmly stand there, introduce herself and making friends. It was a pleasure to watch her transformation. She was an older lady and had spent all her life with her previous person so it was been a major adjustment for her.

As she healed, I healed too, as always. Our animals are our mirrors and we healed together.

Very sadly for me, Anwen suddenly passed away after only eight and a half months with me. She is back with her much loved and missed man, having taken from me all the healing she needed and having given me lots of healing too. I miss her lots but am delighted to have shared that time with her. We had lots of adventures and she LOVED her walks in the country which were a new experience for her - all that space! 

Anwen 318 website  Anwen


I too have been close to totally crippled with legs that refused to work as they should. At my worst a few years ago I was only able to manage a few hundred yards and have been told that it was only Reiki etc that kept me out of a wheelchair and allowed me to hang on to Millie.  I too have effected my recovery with all the aforementioned techniques. 

Like many people I have had a lot of trauma and abuse in my life from birth onwards which I had no way of knowing how to deal with so I buried it deeply and it of course eventually made me very ill - PTSD, serious clinical depression etc..... I have suffered every form of abuse. To find ways of releasing all that 'stuff' without having to relive it was and is such a blessing and is why I now do this for others.  There is no need to relive all the crap, we can jettison it without having to go back there again as so many therapists make you do. 


I am so grateful to Hannah for guiding me towards Reiki, to Cassie for guiding me to essences and to Millie for guiding me to everything else I have learnt as not only did they need healing, I did too, very much so. I am still learning and always will be. 

Healing is usually a journey.  We have lifetimes of "stuff" we are lugging around needing healed/cleared.  Just as it took us a long time to collect it, so too can it take a while to totally jetison it all as the body can only cope with clearing so much at once.  So while one session will always help, most often a series of sessions will help more hence the multiple session prices.

As well as helping myself and my own dogs I have helped many animals and people all over the world as energy has no barriers. All we need is intent and energy can go to wherever we wish instantly.  My main focus is on mental/emotional healing which of course in turn affects the physical.  We humans abuse animals and each other in so many horrible ways and I help repair the damage.  All the modalities/techniques I use are equally effective on humans and animals.

I learnt to do Reiki to help Hannah in her last few months of life and to help me deal with her inevitable loss.  I did Reiki 2 while Cassie was with me and then Master/Teacher with Millie so each dog has been there for a stage in my Reiki path.  Now I teach Reiki. Most of my attunements are done distantly.

I learnt to dowse and do emotional clearing and practised on all my friends and their animals who would let me ;)  Results often astounded me.    I have now helped many people and animals with it and just love using it.

Then I added in Energy Clearing sessions which again have blown me away with results on people and animals.  Sometimes the energy needing cleared is from the current lifetime, sometimes from some other one or a combination from a few.  Whichever, it can be affecting us now and clearing the energy can have amazing results on our current health.  I have gradually expanded the tools I use in those sessions.

Next was Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) which goes into the Akashic Records to clear stuff from this and other lifetimes that is holding us back now and possibly contributing to ill health or relationship issues or financial issues or more.  It too is amazing me in its depth and effectiveness.  I can go deeper with SRT and get the stuff from other lifetimes.  I had long been interested in having a past life regression as I felt at least some of my problems were from other lifetimes.  I had also been fascinated by the Akashic records and was amazed and delighted to find a modality that combines the two and that I was able to learn to do it distantly in an online course!

Then Past Life clearing sessions, similar to and based on but different from SRT.

Property clearing came next.  Again I learnt to do that because we needed it here.  This location has helped make myself and each dog ill, so clearing all the stuff that does so became a priority once I realised what was happening and that I could.  The people who have had property clearings from me are delighted and none of them were believers prior to having the work done but were at their wits end and ready to try anything.  One couple is astounded at results - the husband's health is improving phenomenally and he didn't initially know his wife had had me do anything.  They are both over the moon!

The Balance Procedure is yet another way of bringing ourselves back into balance.

Soul Healing is amazing - it clears all the dross the soul has accumulated over many many lifetimes and restores the soul to it's healed and perfect self.  It can be done in conjunction with or separately from a Soul History Reading

Allergy Clearing - I use a combination of modalities to do this as thoroughly as I possibly can.  Great for people and animals.

Business Clearings - yes, businesses, webites etc accumulate negative energy and I can clear that, which helps more clients to appear.  Businesses have a soul too - that one surprised me :)

Financial Blocks Clearings help clear all the dross holding us back financially - vows of poverty etc.

Everything I use has been tried and well tested on me and my girls.

I am increasingly finding that a session encompassing a few modalities can be the most beneficial and now offer "Mixed Sessions" offering exactly that which are more economical for you, the client, than buying a few sessions :)

The more I learn, the more I realise there is to learn - there is so much unseen stuff in this world that many of us are unaware of.  I have had to totally revise my opinions of what is out there and what is possible.  If that first Reiki lady could see me now....  She saw me struggle with the idea of distant Reiki and all sorts of concepts which are now normal to me.  I'm sure she knew I didn't believe her when she mentioned reincarnation, but I was polite enough not to say so.  Now I help people and animals clear dross from other lifetimes on an almost daily basis.

So I do understand that initially it can be difficult to get your head around what I do, but I also know from experience that it all works and can be very helpful.  So, if like me, you have tried all the stuff the doctors or vets have to offer and healing has not yet happened, please consider energy work.  Energy work can be used alongside drugs, minimising side effects and boosting the good effects and aiding healing.  Energy work can be used alongside most modalities and works together with them.  Like many people I didn't consider it till the vets had failed and had actually made matters much worse than they needed to be, but Reiki etc gave my Hannah an extra 7 months with me for which I am forever grateful.  I then also realised it could help me too and it actually did so much more than I was aware of - Reiki can be very subtle at times.

I had followed the allopathic route for myself and took the drugs for years.  They didn't help much, they didn't heal, they only made life bearable to a degree, but at a terrible cost in 'side effects'.  I did not start to heal until I stopped the drugs.  Initially I took some herbs and then I just plodded along.  Then I found Reiki and seriously started to heal - slowly, slowly at first.  I am still healing as most of us are.

If in doubt, ask questions - Contact Me - I am always happy to help you decide whether or not what I offer is likely to help and I now have a wide network of friends and aquaintances who do other work which may be more suited to your needs.  I am always happy to refer you to others or suggest other modalities which may help on their own or in conjunction with my work.  Often two or more modalities work very well together.  I do find that my work blends extremely well with Craniosacral work.  I have some clients who are able to get hands-on Craniosacral work and use me too and in fact I have 3 excellent and very experienced Craniosacral therapists who occasionally need help from me with Body Clearing and/or SRT.

Yes, everything I do also works on people who doubt that it works.  You don't need to believe for it to work, but it does help to have an open mind and be open to the possibility that it MIGHT help as if you really do not believe and sit there saying 'this cannot work' you can prevent it from working or minimise the help you get which would be a total waste of your money and my time and effort.  Have a read at my testimonials, there are a few from people who were sceptical.

I have always worked with at least Archangels Michael and Raphael.  Archangels Metatron, Raziel and Gabriel have now joined the team.  Archangel Ariel always comes in to help the animals.  Metatron is now my main guide and helper.  Without all of them I would not be able to help as much as I do and I am always very grateful for their help in all aspects of my work.  They are excellent teachers :)

Miracles can and do happen.  I help facilitate them often as do many other energy workers, doctors, vets etc.  I am fortunate to see radical change frequently but it doesn't always happen quickly.  Sometimes healing is a long slow process.  We each get what is right for us and heal at the pace and in the way that is right for us.  I always aim for miracles though ;)


Your session - How I work and what you need to do etc

Once you have decided you would like a session with me, you need to pay and then we will decide on a time that suits us both.  I find that working as the client sleeps is the best possible time to do so as then there is no unconscious resistance.  If you are also in UK and that is not possible, next best is when you are reasonably relaxed and not rushing around trying to do 20 things at once.  Ideally you would be focussed on something else rather than what I am doing - maybe reading, watching TV or something as I have found that the people who obsessively watch their bodies thinking "what is she doing?" tend to actually block the clearing to some degree.

I need you to drink lots of extra water for a good few days to make the releasing process easier on your body.  Not doing so can make for a bumpy ride, so please, just do it.  Ideally you would also get extra rest, even if that is only a few early nights or late mornings, whatever you can manage.  Animals will naturally drink the extra they need and take what extra sleep they need.  Occasionally animals will be full of life afterwards, delighting in feeling "lighter".

Some people notice shifts of some sort almost right away, some notice nothing at all, some realise some time afterwards that 'something' has changed. There is no 'one size fits all' or predicting, you will react or not as your body does.

I tune in to you energetically and also connect with my guides and Archangels and then use a series of charts and a pendulum to find out what most needs cleared, I clear that and move on to the next thing until I am told there is nothing else to be done that day.

Most often, your body will take up to a week to fully process the clearing.  Some take longer, some shorter - everyone is different and it will also depend on what else you are doing in your journey towards healing as everything is interconnected. 

Our contact is by email as I find I can focus better that way and the flow of energy is not interrupted.

The most common comment from clients is that they feel lighter and more relaxed afterwards.

As healing is a journey, most of us need more than one session, hence the discount prices for multiple sessions.  Some may need another session soon, others can be months or even years between sessions, we are all different.  One session will always help but you may get more benefit from more than one as we all collect more energetic trash as we go through our lives.  I am still working on me.

While I do take notes as I work, I  generally do not pass them on until your clearing and processing is complete as I have found that obsessing over what was cleared can prevent the clearing fully taking place.  Been there, done that.  It's gone, it is basically garbage and we do not normally poke and prod through the garbage.  Just let it go, gently and easily.  Metatron now generally does not allow me to pass on details until processing is complete and has been known on rare occasions to delete my notes when he seriously does not want them passed on.


I have a Facebook group about my work which you are welcome to join.


For many years I have helped hurt, abandoned, abused animals of all species for free and continue to do so.  That does however take time and effort and I do have to feed my dog and myself and pay rent and all the usual bills.  If you would like to make a Gratitude Gift on behalf of the many hundreds of animals I have helped and will help, please do so here.  Many thanks.  PayPal also accepts credit and debit cards.