Your Soul History from the Akashic Records

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This reading finds out about your formative experiences as a soul, your own special gifts and talents and also highlights your most significant other lifetimes that have left marks on your soul. Knowing this information can be a big help in understanding why you are the way you are.  We have all lived many lifetimes in many places and all those places and experiences have left their mark on us. 
I do these for animals too - they are also souls with history :)

In this reading I will find out :

Your original soul type.

Your original realms of training and any additional soul gifts.

Trainings you as a soul have undertaken between lives.

Your main life lessons for this lifetime.

If you have any empath gifts.

If you have any intuitive gifts.

The periods in history in which your soul has made most strides in spiritual growth.

The main religions or spiritual traditions you have taken part in which have impacted your soul.

Your reading will be about 12 pages.  You will usually have it within a week.

Optional - If you would like, at the same time I can do your Soul Healing in which while in your Akashic records I will repair all the damage and clear all the dross your soul has collected over your many incarnations and restore your soul to its original blueprint for this lifetime, leaving it squeaky clean and will also repair any damaged shields you may have. 

We all go through so much in order to learn and grow as souls and of course we accumulate unhelpful energies and damage we could do without.

Soul History
Who is this for?
Date of Birth if known

Feedback -

Totally recommend you have one done ... Mine was AWESOME! Thank you 


Thank you so much for the uncannily accurate reading. I have read it a
number of times and I’m sure I will often come back to it. 


I loved my reading, its absolutely bang on in terms of how I feel and interact with people.  Thank you!


Thank you Muriel, this was fascinating and I resonated strongly with many aspects of the reading. 


Thanks for report, fascinating!


Thank you for this reading. Very interesting indeed! I feel this report helps me to understand more deeply about who I am.


The soul reading you did for me recently was very illuminating and has helped a lot! Thanks


I was laughing at how perfect the description was of me!  Totally spot on :)  Jo, Scotland


This sums me up very well and it was very interesting to see the soul purposes for life and where I'm at with it :)  Gayle, Scotland


 This was AWESOME! Thank you :)  Rissa, Australia


Thank you so much for the soul reading! I feel like it is completely spot on. :)  E.B  USA


I feel this report helps me to understand more deeply about who I am.


"I just wanted to thank you again and to say that it has been so helpful, truly helpful. ....has really helped me to understand why I keep
joining courses to try and push myself forward, because I always think I should be doing more and moving forward faster.....and then after
starting the courses I very rarely finish them!  Now I know why.
You’ve saved me from wasting my money and I shall now accept that I can move slowly......relief. .....
Plus I will no longer think that I have a problem I understand and fully accept this about myself."


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