Flowers I - P

Energetic Essence

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Iris - Lilac

iris reticulata im000881  Iris Reticulata : helps to move forward, release blocks

Iris – Yellow

Ivy : support when feeling frail or unsupportedf



jasmine  Jasmine : clears the cobwebs



kalanchoe from elizabeth  Kalanchoe :

purple kelp  Kale : for strength and conviction

kerria japonica p1040692  Kerria Japonica : for allowing the flow of life

knapweed im000438  Knapweed : for knowing we are good enough



laburnum  Laburnum :

ladys mantle  Lady’s Mantle : for emotional shock

Larch: for self-doubt

lavatera barnsley  Lavatera Barnsley :

lavatera deep pink  Lavatera Pink : to assist in accepting differences

lesser celandine  Lesser Celandine : for the courage to overcome challenges

lesser stitchwort2 Lesser Stitchwort : helps you remain clear and not be influenced by others

Lettuce : for calm

lilac  Lilac : helps you embrace change

white lilac im000162  Lilac – White : release feelings of unworthiness

lily peach  Lily –peach :

lily yellow  Lily – yellow : playfulness, spontaneity

Lily of the Valley : for yearning,  is balancing

london pride p1020174  London Pride : for arrogance

Lonicera Nitida Baggensen's Gold :

loosestrife yellow  Loosestrife Yellow : brings back the joy in life

lungwort  Lungwort : release trauma, strengthen lungs



marigold p1040714  Marigold : release self - blame

marsh woundwort2  Marsh Woundwort :

meadowsweet  Meadowsweet : helps relax tension in head and neck

Michaelmas Daisy : helps you feel supported

mock orange2  Mock Orange : releases stuckness

morning glory  Morning Glory : helps stop the constant mind chatter

moss  Moss : calming

mullein im000314  Mullein : for self-care



nerine  Nerine

nasturtium  Nasturtium : cleansing, energising

nettle  Nettle : for overwhelm, annoyed

nettle leaved bellflower  Nettle-leaved Bellflower : to know the universe supports you



Oak : release burdens

oil seed rape  Oilseed Rape : helps if you're allergic to Oilseed Rape

Oregon Grape : self-love

ox eye daisy  Ox-eye daisy : for seeing past the illusion



peace lily  Peace Lily : helps resolve inner conflicts

p1060212 pear blossom 150  Pear - brings peacefulness and calm, eases shock and trauma, helps with resolving disagreements.

peony rose p1050581  Peony Rose - pink :

periwinkle3  Periwinkle : integrate and learn from the past

pieris im000099  Pieris :

pine flower p1020087  Pine : releases fears

pineapple weed p1020385  Pineapple Weed : mother/child issues

plantain lesser  Plantain Lesser : self confidence

poppies wild im000580  Poppy Wild :

poppy large pink  Poppy large pink

Poppy Red & Black

potato  Potato : for calm

primrose im000097  Primrose : for peace and connectedness

Privet - Golden : for shock and trauma

Privet - Green : for shock and trauma

toadflax purple  Purple Toadflax : helps express feelings

pussy willow  Pussy Willow : for the "why me?" types

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