Flowers D - H

Energetic Essence

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daffodil  daffodils  Daffodil : release from fear / clarity

daisy  Daisy : for trauma / brings calm

im000478 damson 150  Damson :

dandelion  Dandelion : flexibility, relaxation

deadnettle white  Deadnettle - White : detach from obsessions

im000355 dill 150  Dill : for overwhelm, brings calm

dwarf fireweed im000490  Dwarf Fireweed : assists with change

dog rose  Dog Rose : for vitality

Drumstick Primula :

dyers rocket  Dyer's Rocket : for insight / see the bigger picture


elder flower  Elder : mental rejuvenation / for when you're feeling your age

elder berries im000302  Elder Berry

Escallonia Apple Blossom

im000171 escallonia iveyi 150  Escallonia Iveyi : for purity

euonymus japonicus  Euonymus japonicus :

eucalyptus  Eucalyptus : helps open a doorway to other dimensions

evening primrose im000432  Evening Primrose : helps heal mother issues


feverfew  Feverfew : helps ease depression, helps us feel more at home in our bodies

field pansy 150  Field Pansy : helps clear your aura

flowering currant  Flowering Currant : helps those unsupported by their mother, good for adrenal exhaustion

forget-me-not  Forget-me-not : helps when grieving

forsythia  Forsythia : aids clearing emotional clutter

foxglove p1020115  Foxglove : releases fear, brings in unconditional love

palest pink foxglove p1020299  Foxglove - palest pink : helps heal the heart

Fuchsia : helps express your true feelings

french bean p1020359  French Bean :

im000139 fumitory 150  Fumitory : helps with exhaustion


garlic mustard  Garlic Mustard :

Geranium – Pink

im000188 red geranium 150  Geranium - Red : helps deflect negative energy

Geranium - White

goatsbeard  Goatsbeard : calming

Goldenrod : aids in becoming your own person

golden privet leaf  Golden Privet Leaf

gorse  Gorse : self worth

grape hyacinth im000096  Grape Hyacinth : restores balance

great hairy willowherb  Great hairy Willowherb :

Groundsel : releases the need to control


im000100 harebell 150  Harebell : confidence

Hairy Bitter Cress : helps with procrastination

Hawthorn - Pink

hawthorn red  Hawthorn - Red

hawthorn white  Hawthorn - White : eases heartbreak, releases pain

Heather – big white bells

Heather – Pink

heather red  Heather – Red : unselfishness

white heather p1040708  Heather - White : unselfishness / purity

hebe lilac p1020377  Hebe - Lilac : helps with moving forward

Hebe - purple : helps heal grief

hebe white small  Hebe - White : for balance, harmony

Hedge Bedstraw :

hedge mustard p1020335  Hedge Mustard

hedge woundwort  Hedge Woundwort : releases anger and pain

Hedgerow Cranesbill :

helleborus kathleen im000947  Helleborus : helps create healthy mental boundaries

helleborus white  Helleborus - white : brings in light / moving forward

Hemp Nettle Lilac

hemp nettle 150  Hemp Nettle White

henbit  Henbit : brings joy back into life, moving forward

herb robert p1040820  Herb Robert : for going with the flow....

himalayan honeysuckle p1020465  Himalayan Honeysuckle

himalayan honeysuckle  Himalayn Honeysuckle

Holly : helps release anger

Holly  Berry

Holly Leaf and berry

honesty  Honesty : helps clear heart emotions

honeysuckle  Honeysuckle : for procrastination

honeysuckle wild im000484  Honeysuckle : living in the past

horsetail  Horsetail : helps dissolve blocks to interspecies communication

hypericum hidcote  Hypericum Hidcote : helpful for Post Traumatic Stress

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