About Flower Essences

To date I have over 400 Flower Essences.  I started making them way back in 2006.  Most of them are from wild flowers in my little corner of East Lothian.  I do my best to use flowers grown as far as possible from areas where farmers and the local Council spray toxic chemicals.  Many flowers come from in and around the woods near me, some from my garden and a few from the gardens of a couple of friends who are very caring about their flowers and garden organically as I do.   Over the years I have amassed quite a collection - over 400 at present so I'll list them on several pages as scrolling through that lot in one go would be a nightmare.

Sometimes I have been drawn to make essences from the same flower at different times or in different years - each has its own individual attributes just as each individual human or animal does.  I discovered this when making an essence for a friend  - I dowsed and found the right bottle which was Red Deadnettle which I have for some reason been drawn to make several times over the years  - my pendulum was quite insistent that only one particular bottle would be helpful for my friend at that time.  So many factors go into the creation of each essence - the actual bloom, the weather conditions and astrological influences of the day, the soil it's growing in, the weather, even my energy on the day, making each very individual.  For that reason when I list an attribute for each, I've deliberately used only a word or two as there are so very many variables.  Sometimes the description will not appear to be what you need but the essence actually is perfect.  I find it's best to actually dowse or muscle test for the ideal essence(s) for the individual at that time and for that reason I provide a free dowsing service to find what is best for you or whoever you are buying for at the time.

If you are choosing your own, simply selecting the picture you are most drawn to at the time is an excellent way to choose or perhaps a name will keep bouncing into your head - go with it, your higher self is sending you a message.

Energetic Essence
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I hope you enjoy the pictures I've taken of each on the following four pages.

Flowers A – C

Flowers D – H

Flowers  I – P 

Flowers Q – Z



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