Flowers Q - Z

Energetic Essence

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quince..  Quince : helps us balance the male and female aspects of ourselves and open our hearts



ramsons  Ramsons Wild Garlic : protection from negative energies

redshank  Redshank : calming when in shock

red deadnettle p1040718  Red Deadnettle : helps release suppressed emotions, overcome creative blocks

red valerian p1020171  Red Valerian : helps us accept the end of a relationship

plantain lesser  Ribwort Plantain : for confidence, helps those who are unsure of themselves

rosebay willowherb..  Rosebay Willowherb : for balance when life seems to be throwing everything at us

rowan  Rowan : forgiveness

ruta rue  Rue : helps you see the wider picture

runner bean  Runner bean : helps you follow your heart

rush grass p1020413  Rush Grass :



saxifrage p1040601  Saxifrage : adaptability, peace, calm

scilla  Scilla

self heal im000493  Self-Heal : helps us be open to our own healing

shasta daisy  Shasta Daisy : helps us see the bigger picture

silverweed p1020340  Silverweed : helps us be more open to fitting in with a group

sysichrinium  Sisyrinchium californicum

skimmia japonica p1040836  Skimmia japonica :

snakes head fritillary  Snakeshead Fritillary : eases the transition to a new life

snapdragon p1020237  Snapdragon : calming, helps express oneself kindly

Snowberry : helps heal emotional trauma

snowdrop im000966  Snowdrop : helps us start again

snow in summer im000700  Snow in summer : cleansing on all levels

solomons seal im000163  Solomon’s Seal : helps you adapt to change

sow thistle p1020418  Sow Thistle : for confidence in dealing with others

Spinach : calming, for when you're stressed out

star of bethlehem im000160  Star of Bethlehem : for shock, trauma, grief etc...sudden bad news

st johns wort  St John’s Wort : cheering, brings the sun back into our lives

strawberry p1040767  Strawberry : for self confidence, self worth

sunflower  Sunflower : confidence, self esteem

sweet chestnut p1020048  Sweet Chestnut : for when you're at the end of your rope

Sweet Clover/Melilot : for clarity

sweet marjoram  Sweet Marjoram :

sweet pea  Sweet Pea : helps calm us so we can sleep

sycamore  Sycamore : great for burnout, helps relax us so we can recover



tansy  Tansy : helps heal mother issues

thistle p1020479  Thistle : for courage

thyme p1020373  Thyme : helps us take things less seriously

common toadflax  Toadflax -common : helps bring folk out of their shells

toadflax purple  Toadflax - Purple : helps self-expression

tomato p1020360  Tomato : self belief

triteleia  Triteleia : for self confidence



vetch im000498  Vetch : for self confidence, self esteem, being your own person

viburnum bodnantense im000482  Viburnum bodnantense : helps us set clear boundaries

Viola : for self expression, confidence



dyers rocket  Weld : helps us see the bigger picture

welsh poppy  Welsh Poppy : helps us stop daydreaming

wild oat im000459  Wild Oat : helsp us find direction

wild rose im000051  Wild Rose : helps us move forward when we'd almost given up

strawberry wild  Wild Strawberry : helps clear guilt,vows etc form other lifetimes

wild strawberry fruit im000600  Wild Strawberry fruit

wood anenome  Wood Anemone : clears blocked energies

wood avens2  Wood Avens : helps us grow into ourselves and our own power

wood sorrel  wood sorrel2  Wood Sorrel :

wood violet im000176  Wood Violet :

woody nightshade p1020317  Woody Nightshade : calming



pink yarrow  Yarrow - Pink : helps create boundaries

yarrow red2  Yarrow - Red : helps boost energy

yarrow white  Yarrow - White : helps deflect negativity

Yellow Dock : for confidence

yellow ox eye  Yellow Ox-eye :

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