Fear and/or Phobia Clearing


This will help to clear any fears or phobias and can be for people or animals.  Also helps to calm scared animals with fireworks going on around them. 

You can choose what type of session or combination you would like -

A Clearing session which encompasses all the clearing techniques I use where I will clear everything that the client is ready to let go of.  

A Clearing session with a 20 minute Reiki session and an energetic essence.

A Clearing session with a 20 minute Reiki session.

A Clearing session with an energetic essence.

A 20 minute Reiki session.

Or an energetic essence for as long as needed.

As they all help in different ways, a combination is ideal.  It may well take a few sessions to completely clear a deep rooted fear or phobia.  Many fears and phobias have a past life root and I will check for and if there, clear that too.

For firework fear, ideally you would start weeks beforehand so that the clearing has time to settle prior to fireworks starting.  

While one session will always help, there may well be more benefit from a few sessions hence discounted prices for 3 booked at once.  

For extreme cases it could take several sessions.

Fear, Phobia Clearing
Who is this for?

Buy 9 get one free £99 sessions
Who is this for?

Testimonials from some of the people whose animals I have helped -

My dog Snow has improved greatly with one firework session. He was stressed out about the addition of a new kitten as well, but after one distant session he no longer bolts when something 'pops' but heeds my call and waits to get his lead on again. Before, he would bolt for the house no matter what was in his way. He's doing really well with the kitten too. Lorraine Poole, Falkirk


"It is a MASSIVE improvement! Many thanks for so far!"  After one session for a dog in Inverness who was absolutely terrified to start with. I worked on him during his panic.


and from a dog in Canada .......

"Dear Muriel, thanks so much for all your help. I am a shy dog, and was lacking in confidence with most people. I wouldn't get close to anyone besides my caregivers. Loud noises scared me, and quick movements from people would have me running far away.

Your treatments really helped me realize that people are safe, and that I don't have to be afraid of them. I am now able to go up to people that I don't know and to smell them. I will even let them pet me, whereas before I wouldn't get close enough to anyone (except my caregivers) to let them pet me. I feel so much more confident and thank you for all your help with this. You have made my life so much more enjoyable now that I realise that I don't have to be afraid of so many things.

I really appreciate all you have done for me Muriel. Thank you again for all the treatments to help me release my fear of people

Tail wags and puppy kisses


Your session - How I work and what you need to do etc

Once you have decided you would like a session with me, you need to pay and then we will decide on a time that suits us both.  I find that working as the client sleeps is the best possible time to do so as then there is no unconscious resistance.  If you are also in UK and that is not possible, next best is when you are reasonably relaxed and not rushing around trying to do 20 things at once.  Ideally you would be focussed on something else rather than what I am doing - maybe reading, watching TV or something as I have found that the people who obsessively watch their bodies thinking "what is she doing?" tend to actually block the clearing to some degree.

I need you to drink lots of extra water for a good few days to make the releasing process easier on your body.  Not doing so can make for a bumpy ride, so please, just do it.  Ideally you would also get extra rest, even if that is only a few early nights or late mornings, whatever you can manage.  Animals will naturally drink the extra they need and take what extra sleep they need.  Occasionally animals will be full of life afterwards, delighting in feeling "lighter".

I tune in to you energetically and also connect with my guides and Archangels and then use a series of charts and a pendulum to find out what most needs cleared, I clear that and move on to the next thing until I am told there is nothing else to be done that day.

Most often, your body will take up to a week to fully process the clearing.  Some take longer, some shorter - everyone is different and it will also depend on what else you are doing in your journey towards healing as everything is interconnected. 

Some people notice shifts of some sort almost right away, some notice nothing at all, some realise some time afterwards that 'something' has changed. There is no 'one size fits all' or predicting, you will react or not as your body does.

Our contact is by email as I find I can focus better that way and the flow of energy is not interrupted.

The most common comment from clients is that they feel lighter and more relaxed afterwards.

As healing is a journey, most of us need more than one session, hence the discount price for 3 sessions.  Some may need another session soon, others can be months or even years between sessions, we are all different.  One session will always help but you may get more benefit from more than one as we all collect more energetic trash as we go through our lives.  I am still working on me.

While I do take notes as I work, I generally do not pass them on until your clearing and processing is complete as I have found that obsessing over what was cleared can prevent the clearing fully taking place.  Been there, done that.  It's gone, it is basically garbage and we do not normally poke and prod through the garbage.  Just let it go, gently and easily.  Metatron now generally does not allow me to pass on details until processing is complete and has been known on rare occasions to delete my notes when he seriously does not want them passed on.


I have a Facebook group about my work which you are welcome to join.


For many years I have helped hurt, abandoned, abused animals of all species for free and continue to do so.  That does however take time and effort and I do have to feed Millie and myself and pay the usual bills.  If you would like to make a Gratitude Gift on behalf of the many hundreds of animals I have helped and will help, please do so here.  Many thanks. PayPal also accepts credit and debit cards.