Optimise your Immune system

I am being guided to offer sessions to optimise your immune system function in which I will energetically clear everything I can to allow your immune system to energetically function as best it possibly can.

Obviously you also need to do the physical stuff – things like good food, exercise, vitamins, minerals, medical care, rest,  etc that your body needs.
This is just one aspect of your route to continued good health.

INormal price is £899 each. 

Please use the drop-down box for multiple sessions which can be for different people and/or animals or for the one individual, you choose.
At this price, there will be no detailed reports, but I will give you a before and after reading of what degree your body says your immune system is functioning at.  Mine started at 76% and went to 95% when I did myself a session this morning.
As always, please drink lots of water for a few days after and get what extra rest you can as your body processes the changes.

Optimise Immune system
Who is this for?
Buy 9 get one free £99 sessions
Who is this for?

 Feedback …  

I had one of these sessions today and really feel a positive shift and increase in my energy.


Brilliant!  I feel a big improvement today.   Thank you.