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BodyMaitre is an amazing modality for clearing imbalances, blockages etc in all four of our bodies – the Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, and Physical bodies.  I am finding it extremely effective for people and animals. 

It was brought into being by ArchAngel Metatron via Darreck Chen who created the Soul Memories modality I use for Past Life Healing.

BodyMaitre is a very profound system which can go very deep indeed, finding and clearing stuff that I had not come across before on the spiritual level as well as stuff I already knew about and cleared when needed.

It can help with all sorts of issues whether they are physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.

I’ve helped an elderly dog regain the use of a back leg after she slipped and was unable to put the paw down at all – twenty minutes after I finished, she was  putting a little weight on it again.  I’ve helped rescued dogs clear their trauma, and several elderly cats and dogs and a rabbit with various issues – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.      

It has helped me a lot with an emotional issue that had been bothering me for some time, which needed moree than I had been able to do with the tools I already had - BodyMaitre sorted it.  This also helps with physical, relationship and financial issues.  It has helped a friend with her animal communication skills. 

I have used this to clear/ heal past life issues, relationship issues of all sorts – friends, family, romantic, human/animal, work, etc., all sorts of health issues, financial issues, spiritual / soul issues, emotional issues, you name it, this can help. 

If unsure, as always, ask me and I’ll dowse to see if it would be appropriate for your issue.

Sometimes results are almost instant and miraculous, sometimes they are very subtle. We each are ready to release at different rates and do so in different ways. We all get what we are ready for.

The beauty of energy healing and clearing is that we do not have to revisit or even think about the traumas we have been through in order to release them. 

While one session is always helpful, ideally a few sessions over a period of time is better.  It is an ongoing process as we continually trap more emotional ‘stuff’ as we go through life

I am loving hearing of and seeing the results people and animals are getting with this work. 

In each session I will release all that you are ready to release at that time.  

This is done distantly - you PayPal me and then we work out when suits us both and I do the work here.  You don't need to do anything other than drink extra water for a few days and get some extra rest.    I will usually do your session within 48 hours or we can schedule to suit both of us.

Can be used for you and/or your pet/pets, just let me know who when you book please. 

I look forward to helping you and yours with this amazing modality.  As always, there is a discount if you book three sessions at once and they do not need to be used for the same person/animal, not do they need to be used within a specific time.

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Who is this for?

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Who is this for?

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It was amazing to see, - she couldn’t put her foot to the floor before Muriel did her ‘stuff’ she’s very weak on it but using it now.    She is doing great, getting a lot stronger on that leg and wanting to jump in and out of van and up onto the bunks.  Definitely she’s back to being herself again.  We’re happy too.


Elderly dog - Blueberry is definitely feeling better today! He has been wrestling with Bella all day like a puppy!

Blueberry slept quite a bit today, but I know he over did it yesterday playing so much


Elderly cat with severe arthritis and who had not been eating much ar all for months – “Annabelle ate much better today! She seems to be jumping and moving around better too.


After our session, I did look forward to practicing.  That's a shift.  I've never noted such strong energy before, though that could have been the cats.  I noticed a difference! I DO get stuff, just nothing earth shattering.

Normally when I sit down to attempt a practice session, I can almost FEEL a wall come up! Sometimes I can fight through enough to get a few things, but it's definitely a fight. Today there was no fight. I was able to approach with curiousity and just got what I got. No pressure. I feel I got some accurate info.  I'm looking forward to practicing now, rather than dreading it. THANK YOU!


Whatever you did, really worked because I felt so much better today, almost normal!


She is feeling better, and has been very feisty today.


Couple: he works away from home.  Homecomings are usually challenging.

“He heads back in the morning. We've had a few hiccups, but overall we've gotten along much better then usual. Thank you!”


Teenager who was suicidal, refusing to talk, eat or drink for weeks  prior to session – “I was absolutely gobsmacked that she has now talked vociferously. Compared to this reclusive girl on Saturday it’s a huge step forward.  We went to Costa  and I bought her 2 Hot Chocolates, which she drank :)

 ‘THANK YOU’ so very much…xxx”


She (cat) realized she can get up on the bathroom counter, by hopping on to the closed toilet first. So now she is up there constantly. 


Your session - How I work and what you need to do etc

Once you have decided you would like a session with me, you need to pay and then we will decide on a time that suits us both.  I find that working as the client sleeps is the best possible time to do so as then there is no unconscious resistance.  If you are also in UK and that is not possible, next best is when you are reasonably relaxed and not rushing around trying to do 20 things at once.  Ideally you would be focused on something else rather than what I am doing - maybe reading, watching TV or something as I have found that the people who obsessively watch their bodies thinking "what is she doing?" tend to can actually block the clearing to some degree.

Idealy you will drink lots of extra water for a good few days to make the releasing process easier on your body.  Not doing so can make for a bumpy ride, so please, just do it. Ideally you would also get extra rest, even if that is only a few early nights or late mornings, whatever you can manage.  Animals will naturally drink the extra they need and take what extra sleep they need.  Occasionally animals will be full of life afterwards, delighting in feeling "lighter".

I tune in to you energetically and also connect with my guides and Archangels and then use a series of charts and a pendulum to find out what most needs cleared, I clear that and move on to the next thing until I am told there is nothing else to be done that day.

Some people notice shifts of some sort almost right away, some notice nothing at all, some realise some time afterwards that 'something' has changed. There is no 'one size fits all' or predicting, you will react or not as your body does.

Our contact is by email as I find I can focus better that way and the flow of energy is not interrupted.

The most common comment from clients is that they feel lighter and more relaxed afterwards.

As healing is a journey, most of us need more than one session, hence the discount price for multiple sessions.  Most often, your body will take up to a week to fully process the clearing.  Some take longer, some shorter - everyone is different and it will also depend on what else you are doing in your journey towards healing as everything is interconnected. One session will always help but you may get more benefit from more than one as we all collect more energetic trash as we go through our lives.  I am still working on me.


I have a Facebook group about my work which you are welcome to join.


For many years I have helped hurt, abandoned, abused animals of all species for free and continue to do so.  That does however take time and effort and I do have to feed myself and pay the usual bills.  If you would like to make a Gratitude Gift on behalf of the many hundreds of animals I have helped and will help, please do so here.  Many thanks. PayPal also accepts credit and debit cards.