New Home Essence

I have a Flower Essence mix available for animals going to a new home.  This could be rescue animals or simply pups, kittens etc.  It would also be helpful if you are going on holiday and leaving your pet in their own home with someone else caring for them or putting them into kennels, catteries etc... any major change in their day-to-day routine including going on holiday or to stay with friends with you.

This is an incredibly traumatic time for them whether they are leaving a loving home or an abusive one.  There are new smells, new voices, new accents, possibly a new language, new surroundings, new bedding, new food, new water, sometimes even a new name??!!! and more to contend with.  This essence will help address any grief they have on leaving a loving home, any trauma they have on leaving an abusive situation and help with the natural worry and fear about where they are going now and what will happen.

The essence like all essences is safe for babies and oldies and everything in between.  Just add a few drops to the water dish.  It is best to also have an untreated water dish available too so that they can choose when they need the essence water. They are very smart and can sense the energy of the essence and will take it when they need it.

It would also be helpful if you are going to stay with friends or going on holiday and your pet takes time to settle as my first dog did - even though she knew where she was going and liked it, it always took her a few days to start eating normally and relax.
It would also help people moving to a new home.  There is so much emotional stuff going on at this time in anyone's life.

The bottles are 10ml ones and will be sent out 1st class post to UK addresses for a fee of £11 inclusive of P&P.   Rest of the world would be Air Mail at a fee of £15GBP / $20USD

New Home Essence


For many years I have helped and continue to help rescued and abused animals and the planet daily for free.  If you would like to make a donation towards the time I spend doing this, it would be very much appreciated, thank you.