Card Readings

I offer card readings from my range of Oracle and Tarot card decks.  Choose from a 1, 3, 6, 10 or 12 card reading and either choose the deck that appeals most to you or I will intuitively pick a deck for you and email the reading to you.

Card Readings
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I am adding daily, weekly and monthly readings.  Please use the appropriate PayPal button below for the option you would like.  PayPal would automatically send me your payment each day/ week/ month/ whatever you choose and I would then do your reading and email it to you. 

Daily 1 or 3 Card Reading

Daily Card Readings
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Weekly 1 or 3 Card Readings

Weekly Card Readings
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Monthly 3 or 6 card Readings
Monthly Card readings
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       Oracle Cards

   mermaids and dolphins          angel therapy          archangel oracle cards           goddess guidance


   magical messages from the fairies           messages from your animal spirit guides          animal dreaming          druid animal oracle


   soul lessons and soul purpose          crystal oversoul            i ching               orbs


        healing with the angels cards amazon                  animal spirits knowledge cards 200                   natures whispers215              whispers of love cards215


        aa michael cards 215                 earth magic cards               keepers of the light oracle cards 215                    medicine cards 215


        wisdom of the oracle divination cards 215                       the romance angels oracle cards 215                    the power of surrender cards 215                    oracle of the angels 215  


        energy oracle215                       psychic tarot of the heart 215                     power animal 215                    archangel raphael healing oracle 215


     Tarot Cards

    angel tarot             animal wisdom               sirian starseed 215             guardian angel tarot sm

Card Readings
Which deck?
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Please bear in mind that legally I have to say that readings are "for entertainment purposes only."


Thank you so much for my reading - much resonates


You recently did a Goddess Card reading for me which was both helpful and enlightening.


For many years I have helped hurt, abandoned, abused animals of all species for free and continue to do so.  That does however take time and effort and I do have to feed Millie and myself and pay the usual bills.  If you would like to make a Gratitude Gift on behalf of the many hundreds of animals I have helped and will help, please do so here.  Many thanks. PayPal also accepts credit and debit cards.